2010 Season

2010 Robot

The 2010 season was a very bittersweet season, as for many of the original team members from when Team 223 first came to Lakeland, this was their senior year. They were definitely all prepared for the challenges that were to come, and definitely helped the younger members be ready to take over the team.

2010’s game was Breakaway, and in many ways was very similar to soccer. This was very convenient for us, as our team advisor at school was also the varsity soccer coach.

At the New Jersey Regional, we were very satisfied with our performance. For much of the competition, we were very highly ranked in the standings, however, we did not make it into the top 8 teams. Luckily for us, though, we were picked by Team 1279, Cold Fusion, along with Team 1089, Team Mercury, to join the #7 alliance, creating what was informally referred to as, Team Thermometer. Sadly, we didn’t make it to the semifinals, but we considered it to be a successful competition anyway.

Come the Philadelphia Regional, we had high hopes about our robot. However, despite some technical difficulties with our robot, we did not make it past qualifications. We were satisfied with our performance overall, and were looking forward to Atlanta.

For the 2010 FIRST Championship in Atlanta, we were placed in the Curie Division. While we yet again had some technical difficulties, we had a great time at the competition meeting fellow FIRST teams from all over the world.