2011 Season

2011 Robot

The 2011 Season definitely had its perks, but also had its challenges. After losing several seniors, our team had to rebuild and had to pick up the slack they left behind. After kick-off we quickly started to try and design a robot fit to dominate this year’s game, Logomotion.  After six weeks of diligent working our team was finally ready to head off to the Trenton Regional.

The Trenton Regional was a bitter-sweet competition. Our robot underwent technical problems and did not have a working arm for a large part of the competition. Our mini-robot however was one of the few that actually worked successfully at a high rate. Unfortunately we did not make it past the qualification rounds, but the team was able to pick up on some good ideas to improve our robot. The day after the Trenton Regional we were back working diligently trying to improve our robot. After a few weeks of trial and error we finally had a brand new arm for our robot that worked great in addition to a new and improved, even faster mini-robot. Another two weeks of practicing and strategizing with our improved robot passed and we once again headed off to another competition.

With a new robot, hopes were high in the Philadelphia Regional. However, technical difficulties that were out of our control occurred and our team did not do as well as we hoped. The entire competition seemed to give us technical issues and we did not rank in the top 8 teams. Our Philadelphia Regional ended along with our hopes for the Championships. We had good spirit though and had fun dancing to the music and enjoying the rest of the competition. Once again, we went home and improved our robot for the off season Monty Madness competition.

In the Monty Competition our team succeeded. We faced early technical problems but over came then and eventually ended up past the qualifying rounds. We then advanced on to the finals. However, we were defeated in the finals, but went home with our heads held high to the great end to our season.  At the end of the year we said goodbye to seniors Kate, Christine, and Abby.