2012 Season

2012 Robot

The 2012 was assuredly Xtreme Heat’s best season yet. Despite losing excellent seniors the previous year, Team 223’s upperclassmen really stepped up their game. Kick-off revealed the season’s focus: Rebound Rumble. In honor of the b-ball themed game we picked up some hot new T-Shirts that definitely didn’t infringe upon copy righted material.

t shirt

Our first event in the new MAR District System took place at Rutgers in New Brunswick. At Rutgers we exceeded expectations and were chosen to be on an alliance with Aperture and the Daleks in the elimination rounds. Unfortunately, we did not make it past the first round.

At the Lenape District Competition Xtreme Heat was met with much more success. For eliminations we were the 7th alliance captain. Once partnered with teams 423 and 484 we competed in quarter-finals but unfortunately did not move on to semi-finals. When it came to the award ceremonies though, we finally achieved success and were honored to take home the Imagery Award! We also qualified to move on to MAR Championships.

At MAR Championships our very own Steven Donow left with the honor of being one of two MAR Dean’s List Finalists! He went on to Championships in St. Louis and had a blast watching the competition.

Xtreme Heat also triumphed in the post-season. At Monty Madness Team 223 was lucky enough to walk away with a Spirit Award and the satisfaction of being an alliance captain. It was an exciting end to an even more exciting year.

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