2015 Season

In 2015, the game was different from other ones that we have seen recently. One rule that got changed that surprised the whole team was that your robot didn’t need bumpers for the game. Team 223 was planning on going to MAR District- Mt. Olive Event on March 6th-March 8th in FLanders, NJ and MAR District- Seneca Event on March 20th- March 22nd in Tabernacle, NJ.

In the Mount Olive Event, our team got ranked 28 out of 38. We were picked for the fifth seed with teams 193- MORT Beta, and 1676- The Pascack PI-oneers. We lost in our quarters. During this event, our average qual score was 36.75 and we had an average playoff score was 60.50. As of after this event we are ranked 54 out of 74 of the Mid Atlantic Robotics District.

In the Seneca District Event located in Tabernacle, NJ, our team got ranked 13 out of 37. We were picked by the second seed with teams 1647-Iron Devils and 2559- Normality Zero. During this event our average qual score was 69.17 and we had an average playoff score was 90.86. We are xtremely happy to say that we made it to the finals against teams 1640- Sab-BOT-age, 1218- Vulcan Robotics, and 5113- Combustible Lemons. Congrats to first seed on winning this competition. We are currently ranked 15th out of 121.

This season we are currently lucky enough to make it to the St. Louis International Competition!!!!

During the Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship at Lehigh University, team 223 had an average qual score of 95.75. We didn’t make it into the Playoff matches nor did we get any awards. The team was placed in 52nd place. We are currently ranked 54 out of 121.

We went to the Saint Louis International Competition during April. We were in the Hopper Division. At this competition we were placed 10th place out of 76. But by the end of the competition, we were ranked 50 out of 76. The team’s average qual score was 115.80.